We at PreSonus are here to help. Whether it’s providing a simple lesson plan to get started, or providing you with the tools to setup a complete music technology lab, our goal is help further music technology in the classroom at all levels of education! We have created many free resources, all geared toward helping educators get started in music technology. Looking for something you don’t see here? Hop on over to the contact page to contact us and we’ll be in touch!

Helpful Videos

StudioLive Solutions for the Stage
Apr 3, 2018
StudioLive Solutions for Jazz Band
Mar 14, 2018
StudioLive AR Mixer for Classroom Ensembles
Apr 3, 2018
StudioLive AR Mixer for Classroom Workstations
Apr 3, 2018
Music Education Technology Solutions in the Classroom and Beyond!
Jun 6, 2013
Recording School Bands Concert with the PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2 Mixer
Jul 7, 2011
Recording Student Assessments with the AudioBox Studio
Jun 3, 2013
Ensemble Recording Editing Techniques
Oct 1, 2014

Classroom Recording Made Easy with the PreSonus AR Series Hybrid Mixers!

StudioLive AR Mixers: Overview and Recording to SD Card
April 1, 2019
StudioLive AR Mixers: How to Record Using Capture
April 1, 2019

Teaching Resources

FREE PreSonus Music Technology Curriculum

We are pleased to offer curriculum to help teachers get started! To get a free copy of Studio One Prime, click here:

Download Studio One

Classroom Software

Both Studio One and Notion are available in Single User and Site Licenses. To Learn More about Studio One & Notion, as well as well as our other software offerings, click here:

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Classroom Hardware

Student Lab Stations

PreSonus offers multiple bundles, perfect for use as a student workstation! From the simplicity of the AudioBox 96 Studio, to iOS functionality with Audiobox iTwo Studio, to beatmaking with the ATOM Producer Lab, we have a solution for your needs! To learn more about PreSonus Complete Recording Solutions, click here:

View Complete Recording Solutions

Teacher Stations

Perfect for the front of a classroom, a teacher station ideally houses a mixer with recording and playback capability, and a set of monitors or speakers! Mixers such as our AR Series Hybrid Mixers and StudioLive Digital Ecosystems, as well as the Eris Series Monitors are perfect for classrooms! Click Here to see what we recommend:

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