Monthly Archives: December 2019

Studio One 4.6 Is LIVE!

Studio One 4.6 has arrived! To Update, launch Studio One and click “check for updates” from the “help” drop-down menu.


Studio One 4.6 brings a popular feature request made by educators and institutions with Site Licenses, which moves user preferences from a system level to user level if they are not already set. This time saving feature was one of the most requested changes for network installs, and helps to save valuable teaching time in the classroom. It means that user preferences (such as MIDI keyboard, interface settings, locations etc) do not have to be set again, when a different pupil logs onto a particular machine for the first time.

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Studio Series Instant Rebates!

It’s not often we take to the education blog to post about sales, but when we do, we mean business! Save big on Studio Series Interface until the end of the year!


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