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Raising The Bar: The Modern College Percussion Studio

College percussion studios have certainly grown over time, and that growth doesn’t just include the growing instrument inventories in many of their studios across the globe—it also includes their inventory of audio equipment for recording lessons, music production, and livestreaming. 

When he started at Jacksonville State University in the Fall of 2020, Dr. Matthew Jordan was tasked with outfitting their newly remodeled facilities right away, and selecting the right audio interfaces and studio monitors to mix and record audio was crucial in the process. Knowing the size of the space, Dr. Jordan knew that the monitors needed to be particularly accurate and forgiving. 

With that in mind, Dr. Jordan selected the Eris E8XT monitors and Temblor T10 subwoofer, which allow for a wide sweet spot in the mix environment and extended low frequencies, respectively. Both of which offer the level of detail and precision required when mixing percussion instruments such as timpani, concert bass drums, and the low range of marimbas. The Eris’ acoustic tuning controls allowed Dr. Jordan to compensate for the speakers’ placement, and he was able to quickly dial them in to suit the room. Additionally, a Monitor Station V2 monitor controller allows for quick volume control at his fingertips.

The studio plays host to a variety of uses, including lessons, juries, performances, and more. Due to the demands of the space, having multiple inputs available at a moments notice was a crucial need and the Quantum 2626 audio interface fit that need perfectly with plenty of onboard I/O as well as expansion options with ADAT including an existing Digimax D8 preamp to provide additional inputs. The Quantum 2626’s ability to provide pristine, low-latency audio over Thunderbolt 3 also allowed Dr. Jordan to provide plenty of outputs to headphones for students via an HP60 headphone amplifier.

“I have been using Presonus products for over 10 years. My very first audio interface was a PreSonus FireStudio Project that I bought as a student, and I have continued to trust PreSonus products throughout all facets of my professional life. This latest set of equipment we purchased for JSU has enabled students to receive realtime feedback about their lessons, juries, and performances, as well as training to become the next generation of tech-forward performers and educators. I can’t wait to see what else our students can do with this wonderful equipment!” – Dr. Matthew Jordan

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