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Elevating the Home Workspace: Composing with a New Level of Detail!

For many, the pandemic has brought time at home, and with that came investing in home studio setups. As the weeks passed by, the need for high quality sound reproduction rose as composers, creators, and engineers settled into their spaces. For Chad Heiny, a freelance composer and marching arts arranger, it meant taking a look at his needs and finding the perfect products for his space.

With a quick email to PreSonus Education Manager Evan Brown, the two discussed the space he works in, and quickly arrived on a solution that suited his needs, while allowing flexibility should he ever look to expand upon the setup. Heiny works heavily with percussion music, which requires accurate reproduction of subtle details due to the wide variety of timbres utilized in most modern compositions.

Choosing the Studio 24c audio interface for his audio input and output allowed Heiny to record and play back at sample rates up to 192k for crystal clear audio. The metering right on the front of the interface also allowed for a constant visual representation of the audio streaming into the unit for quick reference and adjustment.

To complement the interface, a pair of Eris E5 XT studio monitors were chosen for his space. With the acoustic tuning controls onboard the Eris monitors, Heiny was able to fine tune the units to his room quickly, allowing him to hear every frequency with a new level of clarity and detail. The EBM waveguides allow for a wider sweet spot, allowing him forgiveness in

“I love the front-end controls of the Studio 24c for quick adjustments to the volume in my space either when I am listening or recording. The Eris E5 XTs sound wonderful in my home office, and I loved the ability to dial them both in with even more detail through the acoustic tuning  controls on the back of each monitor. I can’t say enough good things about the products and service at PreSonus!”

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