Back to School with PreSonus Unlimited Site Licenses

Get a DAW and Notation software on every computer for one fixed price

Getting the right software for your music department can be daunting but we are pleased to be able to offer an easy and manageable solution for your school or college network. Unlimited music software licenses are now available for both: Studio One 5®, our digital audio workstation (DAW) for electronic music, production and recording; and Notion 6™, our notation and performance application. Both Studio One and Notion are cross platform and can be installed on Windows and Mac.

Wait, unlimited?

Yup, the license is unlimited, meaning you don’t need to worry about exactly how many seats you’ll need or what happens when you add more computers – whether your site has 25 computers or 250. If fact you now don’t need to limit the software to the music department – get it installed on every computer in the school and compose and produce everywhere! Just tell us how many computers you think you will install on initially, and we will create a bespoke license for you.

Need DAW and Score?

If you take the Studio One and Notion bundle, you will save a bundle too! Order the Combo and save compared to buying separately.

Why PreSonus Software?

  • Teach the music, not the software. Both Studio One and Notion are focussed on your creative workflow and getting results fast – you’ll no longer have to spend half your lesson showing how to insert a virtual instrument, or how to add a crescendo!
  • Unlike other solutions, both Studio One 5® and Notion 6™ are built with lean and modern code, meaning great reliability and performance
  • They are cross platform, meaning they can be run on Windows and Mac.
  • There is also a deep integration between Studio One and PreSonus hardware products, such as mixers, controllers and audio interfaces
  • There is a tight interop between Studio One and Notion, anywhere they are both present on your network. Send audio, VST, document and score data back and forth between them
  • No subscription, no dongles, no hassle.

But don’t just take our word for it!

From Sound on Sound Magazine:
“Studio One is as user friendly as it gets…having this kind of flexibility is remarkably liberating”
“Notion is probably the most intuitive and uncluttered notation package I’ve ever used”

From Music Tech Magazine:
“Studio One is a fantastically simple DAW. It’s no wonder PreSonus is calling it ‘the next standard’”
“Notion is an excellent notation program for newbies, teachers and experienced musicians alike”

More reasons to use Studio One

At every step of the musical process, you’ll spend your time creating music instead of fighting a bloated interface. And the sound quality? Well, simply put, it’s unparalleled. In fact, the most common comments from musicians, producers and engineers who have switched to Studio One are “I can just get things done faster” and “Studio One just sounds better.” And as your site license comes with Studio One Professional, you can mix, master and deliver the final product too – all in one package.

The Studio One standalone version comes in three levels – Prime, Artist and Professional. Studio One Prime is a perfect solution for pupils to carry on their assignment at home as it’s completely free! And as it works on both Mac and Windows it’ll run on any of your pupils’ machines. No homework excuses!

  • Easy to use single window interface
  • Intuitive drag and drop action
  • Works on Mac and Windows
  • Studio One Prime, free version, for pupil use at home
  • Studio One Remote app, for hassle free recording in the school studio (on iOS, Windows, Android)
  • Deep integration with PreSonus hardware, including Faderport and Atom controllers
  • Unique workflow with Notion notation software
More reasons to use Notion

Bring musical inspirations to life with the blazingly fast and intuitive Notion 6 music composition and performance environment. Compose when and how you want and even enter music with your own handwriting. Take projects to the next level with deep integration with Studio One. Hear and perform music with gorgeous samples by the London Symphony Orchestra and others recorded specifically for Notion. Deliver polished scores faster than ever before, from complete film orchestrations to simple lead sheets and guitar tab.

Just a few reasons Notion 6 is great for education:

  • Easy to use with great sounds out of the box
  • Seamless workflow with Notion on iPad and iPhone
  • Perform your scores live on stage, or accompanying a rehearsal – includes over 200 files in the Notion Score Library for score study or accompanying a choir or soloist
  • Handwriting recognition built in
  • Video window built-in for scoring to picture
  • Great guitar and drum sounds, and easy to use chords and lyrics


The software is purchased outright so there are no complicated subscriptions to manage, and the actual licensing is all done within the software itself meaning no dongles are required. Although our unlimited licenses are the most popular, if you have a smaller network, between 10 and 25 computers, we can charge per seat instead.

Order Ref Description
Unlimited Licenses A fixed cost license for any number of seats over 25
EDU S15/NOT UNL Combo Studio One 5 Professional & Notion 6 ‘Unlimited’ License
EDU NOTION6 SITELICE UNLIMITED Notion 6 ‘Unlimited’ License
EDU S15 PRO UNL Studio One 5 Professional ‘Unlimited’ License
EDU S15 UPG UNL Studio One 5 Professional Upgrade ‘Unlimited’ License
Per Seat Licenses Priced per seat, for smaller licenses from 10 to 24 seats
EDU NOTION6 SITELICE Notion 6 ‘Per Seat’ License
EDU S15 PRO SITE Studio One 5 Professional ‘Per Seat’ License
EDU S15 UPG SITE Studio One 5 Professional Upgrade ‘Per Seat’ License

What do you need to do now?

Get in touch with your preferred dealer – they will let us know what option you’d like, and how many computers roughly you want to install on. We’ll then do the rest – you’ll receive a custom product key from PreSonus and links to download the applications and content.

PreSonus Site Licenses are only available via our specialist EDU dealer network – they are not available from PreSonus directly. For your local EDU dealer, email us directly at, or visit


We’ve put together all the detail and FAQ’s here: here

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