PreSonus Software Licenses – FAQ’s

We’ve gathered all the FAQ’s about our PreSonus Software Site Licenses below. If there’s anything else we can add, let us know via email on or Twitter @presonusmued


Is it really unlimited? 

Yes, whether you’ve got 20 or 2000 computers on the same single site, it’s one fixed price. We do have a fair use policy, in that we will ask you for an estimate of the number of computers you’d like to install on at your site, and this is subject to our approval. This is to help you manage your activations better (and so that we haven’t put an infinite Studio One license out into the world!). We’ll give you some headroom within this amount, but if you need more, just make a tech support ticket to let us know, and we’ll increase it.

What is a site?

A site is defined as a group of buildings on one physical site. If your school has two or more campuses, or you are a group of schools administrated by a single trust, you will need an unlimited license per individual site. If you are a central instrumental music teaching service, with travelling (peripatetic) teachers, you can also qualify for a site license, just let us know. Email

Who can buy site licenses, and how many machines do I need to have?

Site licenses are for purchase by, and deployment to, education institutions only. Such institutions include schools, colleges, universities, instrumental teaching services. When you make an order, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • The school name and address to attach the license to
  • A contact name and email address within IT department
  • A contact name and email address within the Music Department
  • Number of seats required, even if it is an unlimited license

Each site license purchase is manually verified against the information you provide at point of purchase, and subject to approval.

Site licenses must be for a minimum of 10 seats (a seat is one physical machine/terminal). For site licenses between 10-20, you can buy a “per seat” license. For site licenses of around 20 seats and above, an ‘unlimited’ license is much better value

I want to buy multiple licenses for a region of schools, is this possible?

Yes, we can provide a bespoke solution and price for all schools in a region, district, county, municipality, parish or city. Get in touch with our Education Market Manager at to discuss your requirements.

How do I get the software?

Once you’ve received your product key, you can activate it at Your installers and all your content will be available from your account to download. No physical media will be provided.

Do I need to pay every month to get maintenance updates?

No, this is not a subscription. You will receive free maintenance updates for the lifetime of the version you buy.

Are single copies available?

Yes, we have single copies available for Notion, Studio One Artist, and Studio One Professional

Do I need licensing dongles?


Are there any teacher resources?

Yes, lots of teacher resources on

I’ve only got 12 computers, do I need to pay for an unlimited license?

No, you can pay ‘per seat’ for smaller license requirements.

Is this Mac or PC?

Studio One and Notion are cross platform, on Mac and Windows. Both applications have mobile apps too: Notion iOS is a standalone application and purchase; Studio One 4 Professional has a Remote accessory app on Android, Windows and iOS.

Can I install this on pupil owned machines?

Site licenses are not for deployment to pupil/staff owned machines, or for pupil/staff use at home. We recommend instead Studio One Academic discount pricing for single users, Studio One Prime (our free version), Notion or Notion iOS.

What help do I get installing on a network?

You will receive your Product Key within a welcome document that will outline some best practices in installation, including helpful tips (including for example, how to copy preferences such as setting language or MIDI keyboard across machines). If you need further help we have dedicated Tech Support to help you in the process. The fastest and most direct way of getting to our Tech Support gurus, is by making a tech support via your account.

Can I buy a site license direct from PreSonus?

No, we support our expert EDU dealer network – contact your local dealer for more information.

I hit my activations limit, but I’ve got 5 more machines to install this term. How do I do this?

If you’ve got an Unlimited License, then just make a Tech Support ticket via your account. This is the quickest, fastest, and most trackable way of getting your request to the right person. We’ll then review and increase your activations – there is no cost for this.

If you’ve got a per seat license then you’ll just need to order more seats. Let your dealer know this is an addition to an existing license, so we can make sure we adjust your existing license, rather than treat it like a new order.

License or licence?!

Yup, sorry world – we went with the US spelling…

Product Specific Questions

I don’t want to relearn keyboard shortcuts!

Although you’ll get the best out of the software if you ultimately learn the Studio One or Notion default shortcuts you don’t have to! Studio One includes shortcut sets for Cubase, ProTools and Logic and Notion includes numeric keypad shortcuts from Sibelius and Finale.

Can I import/export files from other software?

Yes, on top of MIDI and audio files you can also use MusicXML with Notion and AAF with Studio One.

How do I buy the Notion iOS app and is there a site license for that?

From the Apple App Store. If your school is enrolled in the Volume Purchase Program (VPP), then you can buy at half price for quantities of the Notion app over 20. (NB in-app purchases are not available via VPP).

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