On The Road Again: Phantom Regiment Trusts PreSonus for the 4th Season in a Row

After a hiatus in 2020, Drum Corps activity returned in the Summer of 2021. While tours were  a bit shorter, move-ins started later, and some things may have seemed a little different, one thing is for sure: PreSonus equipment was found on the field again this past summer! 

Our friends at Phantom Regiment, who have used PreSonus hardware and software since 2017, employed a full range of equipment including: a StudioLive Series III mixing ecosystem, CDL loudspeakers, ULT subwoofers, and Quantum audio interfaces. Their 2021 production “Harmonic Journey” brought an exciting mix of both acoustic and electronic sounds through their PreSonus setup.

At the heart of the setup, a StudioLive 64S digital mixer provided plenty of inputs to fit the  needs of their performances, which include  marimbas, vibraphones, synthesizers, hand percussion, and wireless microphones. Since setting up quickly is important in drum corps, a StudioLive 32R rack mixer in stagebox mode provided easy remote inputs on the field, all running to the main console via a single ethernet cable. 

To deliver the highest audio quality to the audience, Phantom Regiment chose the CDL series hybrid array speakers in a two-box high LCR setup, which allowed for a smooth response across the entire frequency range—particularly in the midrange, where many instruments in the marching arts reside. To provide ample low end, five ULT18 subwoofers were utilized underneath the CDL speakers. The setup provided plenty of volume and enhanced clarity for the audience in every stadium they visited.

For the synth, a Mac Mini running Mainstage performance software fed into a Quantum 2626 audio interface, which then sent multiple outputs for synth patches, samples, and effects to the StudioLive 32R . The Quantum 2626’s Thunderbolt 3 connection ensured that pristine audio was delivered to the system with ultra-low latency. Since the Quantum 2626 is rack-mountable, it made for a clean, easily-organized  setup in their beautiful Pageantry Innovations synth cart.

“Having the ability to be involved in every part of the process, from the gear selection to the audio design, I feel confident that the system far exceeded our expectations and left us with plenty of flexibility for whatever we needed to do for the 2021 production.” -Evan Brown, PreSonus Education Manager  and Phantom Regiment’s Sound and Audio Designer 


For more information on where you can find a drum corps show near you, visit www.dci.org

For more information on Phantom Regiment, visit www.regiment.org

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